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I hope that all Club members are Staying Safe and Staying at Home. Looks like we have passed through the Corvid-19 peak and our own withdrawal symptom is now reaching an unprecedented peak.  However, it looks as though the Government in the near future just may allow us to start fishing within some boundaries with an easing of lockdown Road Map.  It therefore seems appropriate that we (Holt SAC) should be prepared with some form of plan or mini Road Map to get us back onto the beaches and banks as soon as safely possible and hopefully address our symptoms.


The Angling Trust has prepared a 3 phase plan detailing why and how we should return to fishing which they have submitted to the Government and are lobbying MPs to gain support.  I have also found an excellent 5 phase Road Map which has been prepared by the National Coarse Fishing Federation of Ireland (NCFFI) which details how to get to a full coarse fishing competition situation in Ireland according to the current Irish Government dates for coming out of lock down.  Not necessarily relevant to UK but does give us some ideas of how we could plan to come out o

f lock down but I suspect, as usual the UK (Angling Trust) will be late or not doing this at all.


Anyway, as a Club I think Holt SAC should at least have a Road Map now so that as soon as the flag is dropped we can get the Club’s 2020 season out of the blocks.  I am therefore proposing a 3 phase approach to this …

Phase 1          -         Recreational fishing only 

Phase 2          -         Club matches 

Phase 3          -         Open matches (return to the new normal)

At all times we MUST still abide by the HAND HYGIENE, COUGH ETIQUETTE & SOCIAL DISTANCE requirements to keep Covid-19 at bay.

Phase 1

As soon as the Government gives the green light Club members will be able to go and start fishing their favourite beaches or banks again.  This should be done within the Government’s requirements for travel distance and gathering numbers.  We should not all rush off and pack the beaches, instead should fish individually or if with a mate abide by the SOCIAL DISTANCING (2m) rule at ALL TIMES.


Whatever the Government’s ruling is we should recreational fish for at least 2 weeks after that green light so that we can exorcise those withdrawal symptoms and get back to fishing properly.  Of course, we can still enter fish in the Club’s Specimen Competition and there just may be a few decent fish around, who knows?


The success of this phase 1 in bringing fishing back is total dependent on Club members and all Anglers by abiding by the Government’s rulings to ensure we keep Covid-19 at bay so please ensure you do so, STAY ALERT!!!


Phase 2

Dependent on the Government ruling regarding outside activities, associated travel distances and gathering numbers the Club should be able to start running a few Club matches.  In addition to meeting these requirements for matches to take place, Club Members during as well as before and after these matches MUST abide by HAND HYGIENE, COUGH ETIQUETTE & SOCIAL DISTANCE guidelines.  The 2 metre rule will be particularly testing to keep during a match particularly at the start with the draw and at the end with the results.


To kick off we will adopt a few ground rules …


  • Any Club Member who has a cough, a fever or any other Covid-19 type symptoms MUST not attend match and stay at home.
  • All Club matches will be pre-booked prompted from the usual notifying text.
  • Club match fee will now be £5 where-ever the venue plus optional £5 Super Pool or £10 in total.  All monies will only be handled by the member and no one else.
  • Members should bring exact money to the match, no change will be given.
  • There should be no sharing of equipment and paperwork during the whole match.
  • If appropriate, face masks/coverings should be worn at least at the draw and results.  It is advised that a hand sanitizer should be brought along.
  • The pegging will be done by the match organiser or by a nominated Club member.  Pegs will ONLY be collected by the pegger just before the start or during the match, no other member will touch the pegs.


The Club match procedures will be as follows …



  • At all times the 2m distancing rule MUST be adhered to.
  • The usual numbered Match Card MUST be selected from the draw box or other method if devised and touching other cards MUST be avoided.
  • The exact Match Fee (£5/£10) MUST be placed in the monies box.  Any Membership Subscription MUST also be placed in the monies box or bank transfer to 20-17-20 43774309.
  • Match organiser MUST be informed of the drawn card/peg number and any membership that has been paid.



  • At all times the 2m distancing rule MUST be adhered to.
  • For now, Club matches will be self-stewarding.  Caught fish will be held up to show fish to adjacent member.  The fish should then be measured by the catcher and recorded on the match card with appropriate conversion and running total completed.
  • The associated witness signature box MUST be ticked and the peg number of the witnessing member entered.
  • At the end of the match all total boxes MUST be completed and card signed off by the owning member.  THE CARD MUST ONLY BE HANDLED BY THE OWNING MEMBER THROUGHOUT THE MATCH.



  • At all times the 2m distancing rule MUST be adhered to.
  • At the end of the match each Club Member MUST read out to the organiser his/her total number of fish and total points from appropriate boxes on his/her match card.
  • The match card MUST then be placed in the draw box.
  • Club match winnings will be paid out at the Annual Presentation Evening.  Super Pool winnings will be paid at the match with the monies coming fresh from the Club funds.  None of the entry fee money will be used for the pay out and only the organiser will have touched the pay out money.


Hopefully adopting the above will prevent any stray Covid-19 virus from spreading amongst us.


As I said, any commencement of Phase 2 and restart of Club matches is dependent on the Government’s rulings but hopefully these will enable us to start up in the next few weeks.  To this end I am initially proposing five Club matches over the summer with two on the beaches in June and two in the river at Kings Lynn in July and August plus the annual Mackerel Bash in July.  These would be as follows … 

Sunday 7th June
HW 8:08 4.9m
Fishing 9:00 – 2:00

Sunday 21st June
HW 7:22 4.6m
Fishing 9:00 – 2:00

KINGS LYNN – West Bank
Sunday 12th July
HW 11:10 4.3m
Fishing 9:00 – 2:00

Wednesday 29th July
HW 8:54 4.7m
Fishing 6:00 – 9:30

KINGS LYNN – West Bank
Sunday 12th July
HW 11:10 4.3m
Fishing 9:00 – 2:00

Phase 3 

This phase will occur when the Club is able to run Open matches.  This can only happen when we are seriously out of lock down and the Government allows big gatherings again with anglers from any distance from the venue.  Club organisers will be particularly apprehensive of bringing multiple people together from across the country.  Such concerns can only be mitigated by the availability of a vaccine and even then this has to have been administered to a significant number of the population to halt Covid-19 kicking off again.


We have a large number of members who are at an age or close to it, that are vulnerable although it has been shown that age is not necessarily a defining factor.  Ideally, we would want to adopt the same match procedures for Opens as for Club matches but self-stewarding is not very appropriate for such matches and wide open to abuse.


For now Holt SAC will therefore hold off running any Open matches in the immediate future and wait for the new normal to be established.





With Covid-19 now rampant across the UK Holt SAC will delay the start of its 2020 season to at least September unless the situation dramatically improves in the meantime.  This means no Club gatherings during the summer for Club matches and Opens including our favourite river matches at Kings Lynn & Sutton Bridge.  However, the Club’s Specimen Competition involving just individual Club members will continue and for 2020 was effective from 1st January 2020.  Don’t forget to get your cards submitted to Mike Watts as detailed on the card, let’s have some early ones this year once "lock down" has finished.

During the summer when hopefully the situation improves we will run the AGM and Presentation Evening as originally planned at the Lawns in Holt when we map out exactly what we are to do with the rest of 2020.  All 2019 members will continue to receive for now the update texts letting you know what is happening but if you want to remain on this distribution please return your survey form if you haven’t done so already.



Whilst the new website is improved, you can visit the old website here.

Holt SAC 5th Leg Summer Accumulator (Results)



Holt Sea Angling Club
Match Results 2019-2020
Date:  Sunday 2nd June 2019
Venue:  Bacton
Trophy:  5th Leg Summer Accummulator
Attendance:  13
Total Fish No:  67
Total Weight Points:  1146
Total Match Weight:  23lb 14oz


Posn. Member Weight No. Fish Weight Points
(lb) (oz)
1  Mike Watts  7 6  21  354
2  Dave Burr  3  9 2/3  7  173
3  Neil Smart  2  10 1/3  10  127
4  Charlie Frary  2  7 2/3  4  119
5  Paul Harvey  2  4  6  108
6  Joe Bettinson  2  2 2/3  7  104
-  Paul Carter 1 11 1/3 4 82
7  John Carter  1  6  5  66
8  Tony Thomas  1  5  4  63
9  Paul Tovell  0  8 1/3  2  25
10  June Frary  0  2 1/3  1  7
-  Ivan Allison  0  0  0  0
-  Richard Ling  0  0  0  0
-  Albert Randlesome  0  0 0  0

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