Holt SAC Sid Ernie Cup (Report)

Sunday 29th September 2019 - Bacton




Holt SAC’s Sid Ernie Cup match was held at BACTON on SUNDAY 29TH SEPTEMBER.  This was the Club’s second visit to the new beach at Bacton in consecutive Sunday’s and it was interesting to see the change in the beach profile in just 7 days.  The architects of the new beach have modelled it on similar beaches in the Netherlands and is expected to last 15-20 years.  So after visiting the venue on two consecutive weekends there was much debate amongst Club members that this would be more like weeks rather than years and some even speculating days.

The flat beach now has mini cliffs where the sand has been scoured away and although the pipes have been removed the associated groynes are still there and are rapidly re-appearing.  There have been no serious storms since the beach was created and the current spring tides with stiff northerlies and north easterlies will certainly give some indication of the longevity of the new beach.  The scouring tides here are certainly far stronger than those in the Netherlands so time will tell if they’ve got it wrong.  Castaways owner says he has been informed by the “powers” that the beach will initially lose sand but will take up its natural profile and stabilise as planned.  Many thanks to Anna & Richard, Castaways owners for allowing us to use their facilities.

Forecast for the day was a stiff west south westerly turning north westerly at the end with some serious down pours during the day.  As it happened we got the very heavy squalls but interspersed with some really warm autumn sunshine but thankfully the wind remained in the west so sea was flat throughout.  Fishing 3 hours after High Water down has always been the most productive at Bacton so we were going to see if this had changed.  Pegging for this one was all west of what was the old first pipe groyne which is still exposed.  On such a big tide the water went out way beyond were the end of the old pipes used to be although this was helped by the additional sand that is now there.  This exposed lots of yellow tail beds and towards the end Bev Self’s “communal” pump was busy plucking out those fat juicy morsels

Another good Club turn-out of 14 for this one slightly larger than previous week with a few different members demonstrating the Club has a good core of regular members, thank you all for your support.  Just a few feet now down Castaways steps and you’re on the new beach and a short walk to the left and you were on the match stretch, none of this scaling of revetments although no doubt they will surface again as the sea and tides take control.  A dry set up which is always good but we all noticed the small patches of red weed on the beach and the acres of the stuff in the small surf, not so good and the potentially this is always a problem at Bacton.

At the whistle, it soon became apparent that this weed was going to spoil the day as “washing lines” of the stuff started to appear along the whole stretch.  With a bit of tide running some had difficulty holding bottom which was not helped by the weed.  To avoid lines being crossed casts were synchronised which did help to keep lines apart.  With the profile of the beach changed techniques also had to change with the previous close gullies filled up with “Scrobie” sand.  The main objective in this one was to find the fish which were still there but for some rather elusive.

Also there was the vermin, close in bait was either being stripped in minutes or retrieved untouched but close in was full of weed yet another challenge.  Some distance did help to avoid some of the weed with rods held high but this still found the vermin.  However, given all these problems some decent fish were coming out including those stonking Bacton Flounders, a few Dabs, the odd Bass and some good Whiting.  As expected, plenty of 15-17cm Whiting which were a pain taking baits intended for their bigger compatriots.

There was also that friendly, well not so friendly Seal who knew exactly what was happening as he followed traces right through the surf on to the beach.  In particular, it was seen at distance spectacularly diving out of the water taking Mike Watts small Whiting leaving just the head on the hook.  For some reason he got bored (the Seal) and disappeared although he was probably full up with our fish.

Finding the fish was the key in this match and with the favourite close in gullies gone the majority of the fish seemed to be at distance where the sea was clear just beyond the sand and probably had some depth.  This is where the eventual top rod MIKE WATTS (Peg 8) found his fish, in that deeper water with treble shots of fish, a few yards closer in on to the sand nothing.  He easily took victory with 7lb 13oz from 26 fish of Dabs, Flounders and Whiting with Flounders up to 31cm and Whiting to 34cm.  Runner-up was BEV SELF (Peg 5) 5lb 10oz from 17 fish comprising Dabs, Flounders and Whiting with Flounders up to 33cm and Whiting to 31cm with the majority from range.  Final podium slot went to ADRIAN BORDIANU (Peg 2) with 4lb 6oz from 16 fish also at distance who was using all the skills and bait in his armoury to find a few Dabs, Whiting up to 32cm and a Bass of 32cm but surprisingly no Flounders.

Heaviest Flat fish was a 35cm (1lb 1oz) Flounder taken by NEIL SMART (Peg 11) and heaviest Round fish that 32cm (11oz) Bass taken by ADRIAN BORDIANU (Peg 2).  Altogether 152 fish (67 Whiting, 45 Dabs, 39 Flounders and 1 Bass) were recorded weighing 45lb 13oz.

It’s questionable whether or not the sandscaping at Bacton has changed our fishing there.  For some, it definitely has with the close gullies at certain states of the tide gone at the moment but nature has a way of bringing all this back.  We will be able to take a judgement on this in two weeks time for the first round of this season’s North Norfolk NSL on an identical tide.

Next Club match is for the Nelson Cup at GORLESTON on SUNDAY 6TH OCTOBER fishing 10:00-3:00 HW 3:12 3.9m which is combined with the Annual Gorleston Tackle Open.  This is ticket only and all participating members should have tickets by now and the Club has reserved tickets for Paul Thorburn, Dave Burr and Richard Hipperson.

The following weekend SUNDAY 13TH OCTOBER is Round 1 of the 2019/2020 North Norfolk NSL teams of 5 at BACTON via Castaways fishing 10:00-3:00 HW 6:59 4.9m.  Currently, there are 6 teams and more are welcome …


Anyone wishing to enter a team please text 07780793141 … Tony T

Top 10 Individuals on the day

1…Mike Watts…………..7lb 13 1.3oz……(26 Fish)…(Peg 8)
2…Bev Self……………….5lb 10 1/3oz…..(17 Fish)…(Peg 5)
3…Adrian Bordianu….4lb 5 2/3oz……..(16 Fish)…(Peg 2)
4…Kevin Green………..4lb 4oz……………(14 Fish)…(Peg 3)
5…Charlie Frary……….3lb 2 2/3oz.……(11 Fish)..(Peg 6)
6…Mike Topping……….3lb 1oz………….(11 Fish)…(Peg 13)
7…Leon Smith……………2lb 14oz………..( 6 Fish)…(Peg 1)
8…Paul Harvey………….2lb 10oz………..( 6 Fish)…(Peg 10)
9…Tony Thomas……….2lb 9 2/3oz……( 7 Fish)…(Peg 4)
10.Neil Smart…………….2lb 9 1/3oz……( 9 Fish)…(Peg 11)


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