Holt SAC North Norfolk National Sea League 2018-19 Round 4 (Report)

Sunday 13th January 2019 - Gorleston



Holt SAC’s Round 4 of the North Norfolk National Sea League was held at GORLESTON on SUNDAY 13TH JANUARY fishing 10:00-3:00 HW 1:45 4.0m. Once again the weather contrived to disrupt us from targeting the big Whiting on the shingle. It was either being ripped apart by the westerly gale force winds on that shingle or being sand blasted on the sand at Gorleston in rather benign conditions. The switch to Gorleston made “Charlies Angels” reconsider fishing after dropping out of the breezy North Norfolk match and “Big Catch Tackle” deciding to fish as it wasn’t hefty Gt Yarmouth. This meant 6 almost full teams with one a man short and 3 further Individuals, a good turn out considering. Many thanks to Claire at Marina Bay café for allowing us to use the café for the draw and presentation, should imagine they were a bit surprised with unexpected surge of breakfasts.


Pegging was from the Ravene south to just past Jay Jays on the prom. Significant amount of sand has been scoured away on this beach that there is now a gully between the prom and the sea which gets filled on big high tides. Fortunately, this match being from 10:00-3:00 with high water at 1:45 was on a very small tide so never filled the gully and we did not get cut off. This meant that there was plenty of room to set up and wait for the water to come in, very comfortable and none of this following the tide. Sea had plenty of colour with a small swell rolling in from something more serious out in the North Sea.


Prior to the match we were warned about the hordes of small Whiting and from the off they were coming ashore in doubles and trebles. The majority were undersize and if you were lucky you would get at least one in size but even them were generally small. These were joined by a few Dabs where you would probably get Whiting and a Dab on the bottom hook. Most Dabs were at least in size and the odd one was in the mid-20cms and some double figure points on the card. There has not been many matches of late where you have been grateful for Dabs instead of Whiting, at least there was a chance that they gave decent points.


The fish were all over the place and there was no pattern to where they were but they seemed to be closer in rather than distance. For the first 2-3 hours there was a steady stream of at least single fish being record on majority of casts but as the top came and went for most this became a barren period. With tide beginning to pick up towards the end the fish started to feed again and this brought in a few more specimen fish to feed particularly a few Whiting and the odd Dab. As it happened finding these was match winning as they added good points to your score instead of the 5+ points from the miniature specimens.


It was just this situation that took IAN CHILDERHOUSE (Charlies Angels) (Peg 31) to victory with 4lb 3oz from 18 fish . They included 12 Whiting and 6 Dabs but his last fish was a 30cm Dab worth 32 points and clinched that victory for him. Runner-up was another Charlies Angels team member in SIMON ROBERTS (Peg 22) who had not lost too much form after his 2 year sabbatical with 4lb from 21 fish. These were 4 Dabs and 17 Whiting but one of them was 34cm worth a massive 28 points just before the end and snatching that spot for him. Final podium slot went to another long distance traveller all the way from Cleethorpes and fishing as Individual in GARRY HUTSON (Peg 35) with 3lb 15oz. Playing to his strengths he managed to find 27 fish comprising of just 4 Dabs and 23 Whiting up to 25cm so plenty of small fish.


In the teams event, the benign conditions played into the hands of those usually on the fringes with ANGLING DIRECT NORWICH under the stewardship of ADRIAN BORDIANU taking victory with 8 penalty points from a Zone win, 2 Zone 2nd s and a Zone 3rd. Runners-up team was CHARLIES ANGELS being tactically led by CHARLIE NEEDHAM with 9 penalty points from 2 Zone wins, a Zone 3rd and Zone 4th. Final podium slot went to GORLESTON TACKLE under JEFF STANNARD who have turned their fortunes around from the start of the season with 10 penalty points from a Zone win, Zone 2nd, Zone 3rd and Zone 4th.


The Heaviest Flat fish was that 30cm (118oz) Dab to IAN CHILDERHOUSE (Charlies Angels)(Peg 31). Heaviest Round was that 34cm (9oz) Whiting to SIMON ROBERTS (Charlies Angels) (Peg 22). Altogether there were 480 fish (345 Whiting and 135 Dabs) recorded weighing 82lb 13oz.


In the Zones, BEV SELF (Peg 6) of Gorleston Tackle took Zone A with 170 points from 18 fish followed by PHIL READ (Peg 7) of Big Catch Tackle with 153 points from 18 fish. Zone B was taken by MIKE WATTS (Peg 20) of North Norfolk Lads with 174 points from 21 fish followed by SIMON BONE (Peg 18) of Angling Direct Norwich with 124 points from 15 fish.


Zone C went to SIMON ROBERTS (peg 22) of Charlies Angels with 193 points from 21 fish followed by KEVIN GREEN (Peg 27) of North Norfolk Lads with 153 points from 21 fish. Zone D was taken by IAN CHILDERHOUSE (Peg 31) of Charlies Angels with 201 points from 18 fish followed by GARRY HUTSON (Peg 35) Individual with 189 points from 27 fish. Zone E was taken by ADRIAN BORDIANU (Peg 44) of Angling Direct Norwich with 170 points from 19 fish followed by JEFF STANNARD (Peg 50) of Gorleston Tackle with 130 points from 17 fish.


A good competitive match where fish were spread along the whole stretch rather than confined to one Zone and finding where the fish were feeding was the challenge. The venue and conditions were such to make it more even for everyone and the results probably confirmed this. Finding the bonus fish was really the task in hand and those that did ended up doing the business. Next round 5 is at KELLING on SUNDAY 10TH FEBRUARY fishing 10:00-3:00 and it’s back to fishing the ebb with High Water 9:40 4.4m … Tony T


Top 10 Individuals (on the day) …


1...Ian Childerhouse…4lb.3oz.….…(18 Fish) (Peg 31)

2...Simon Roberts......4lb.1/3oz.…(21 Fish) (Peg 22)

3...Garry Hutson........3lb.15oz……(27 Fish) (Peg 35)

4...Mike Watts...........3lb.10oz……(21 Fish) (Peg 20)

5=.Henry Randell.......3lb.9oz......(20 Fish) (Peg 33)

5=.Richard Hipperson.3lb.9oz……..(17 Fish) (Peg 38)

7=.Adrian Bordianu.....3lb.8 2/3oz.(19 Fish) (Peg 44)

7=.Bev Self................3lb.8 2/3oz.(18 Fish) (Peg 6)

9...Mark Colman.........3lb.6 1/3oz.(17 Fish) (Peg 41)

10.Kevin Green…………..3lb.3oz……..(21 Fish) (Peg 27)


Teams on the Day



2...CHARLIES ANGELS ………………..9 Points

3...GORLESTON TACKLE ……………10 Points

4...BIG CATCH TACKLE …………….11 Points

5...NORTH NORFOLK LADS ……….13 Points

6...ANGLING ADDICTS.………………20 Points


Teams to date


1...BIG CATCH TACKLE……………….35 Points

2...GORLESTON TACKLE …………….41 Points

3...NORTH NORFOLK LADS …………44 Points


5...CHARLIES ANGELS…………………56 Points

6... ANGLING ADDICTS ………………62 Points




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