Holt SAC Nelson Shield (Report)

Sunday 2nd December 2018 - Gt Yarmouth



Holt SAC’s Nelson Shield Club match was held at GT YARMOUTH Central Beach on SUNDAY 2ND DECEMBER fishing bottom up on a small tide. The forecast was ideal, slight sunshine with broken cloud and a breezy wind over your right shoulder from the South West and they got it spot on. The sea was almost flat calm with plenty of colour leaving everyone full of optimism for a cracking session and they weren’t disappointed. Taking into account the Club’s experiences in the recent League match at this venue pegging was in front of the Sea Life Centre going North from the Wellington which was Zone A in that match.


With a number of the Club’s top regulars on other duties it was a slightly reduced turn out but plenty enough for some good competitive competition. With those members away it was time for others to shine particularly the local contingent who had spent most of the week planning for this one. Unusually, no distance travellers for this one with furthest coming from Hales, Diss and Sheringham with journey from Hales giving young Jack time to try and wake up.


With none of this chasing the tide in this one all were soon set up high on the sand in plenty of time for the off including the late arrivals, the Topping clan but they are always so used to it. All were therefore more than ready at the whistle and it was apparent there was not going to be any of this range stuff at the start. Particularly, as a couple of pleasurers in front of the “Welly” were hauling in Whiting at 20 yards. It was soon apparent that everyone was going to exorcise those demons from the National Sea League Final the previous weekend particular when one member commented that he caught more fish on his first cast than over the whole of that weekend, he will remain anonymous.


Yes, it was going to be good as treble shot after treble shot started to be recorded by some and others were still finding the doubles and singles. The Whiting were by far the dominant species and were there in real numbers in total contrast to the NSL Final when just 30 were recorded over the two days by 165 anglers. The majority of the Whiting were in the mid-20cms with a few into the 30s and one cracker of 35cm and cards were filling up fast as the number of trebles kept coming ashore. A few Dabs were getting into the act as well when they could get to the bait before the Whiting.


The fishing was relentless as 10 minute casts became 6 minutes and for those in speed mode it was a matter of managing baiting up and getting the caught fish signed in and released all within that 6 minutes. To add to this there was the dilemma of a bit of distance versus close in where the former tactic could lead to your neighbour gaining a cast and an extra 3 fish on his card. Then there were the hefts and there were a few, find one of these and you were another cast and 3 fish behind. JC found one but persevered and brought it in, old lost tackle complete with TT’s lost trace and line which was poorly tied back on and is now still a lost trace, thanks JC!


Everyone was rushing about, well nearly all as fish were there for the majority throughout even through slack water. With such activity limbs started to ache particularly the slightly senior Members but no one complained. The flooding tide helped with less distance to cover to cast and release fish. There was no relenting as the Whiting were attacking the bait as soon as it hit the water and even the final casts were producing treble shots.


In the end it was that local Gt Yarmouth man BEV SELF (Peg 3)who had done all his homework during the preceding week to conjure up an outstanding victory with just over 19lb from 78 fish. This 78 fish is now the most number of fish caught in a Club match which surpasses the 76 fish recently caught by Henry Randell in the last Sea league match which ironically was from almost the same spot. A distant runner-up was TONY THOMAS (Peg 6) with 13lb 3oz from 51 fish who had a tight tussle with his neighbour on Peg 5. That was BARRY STONE (Peg 5) who took the final podium slot with 12lb 13oz also from 51 fish and as if it really didn’t help his recollection of this venue is when he was a kid jumping off the Old Jetty that used to be close by but now demolished, no don’t think it helped him although he didn’t find a heft.


Heaviest Flat fish was a 28cm (6oz) Dab taken by CHARLIE FRARY (Peg 8) and Heaviest Round a 35cm (10oz) Whiting taken by BARRY STONE (Peg 5). Altogether 446 fish (374 Whiting and 72 Dabs) were recorded weighing 106lb 2oz.


A cracking match which came up to everyone’s expectation and certainly blew away the gloom and despondency of the Sea League Final.


Next Club match and Open is Round 3 of the North Norfolk National Sea League at CLEY on SUNDAY 9TH DECEMBER fishing 10:00-3:00 HW 8:34 5.0m. Draw will be from 8:15 in Cley Beach Car Park. There is a possibility that there will be serious Northerlies that weekend and if these do materialise then the match will be moved to Gorleston fishing the same times and everyone will be informed … Tony T


Top 10 Individuals (on the day) …


1...Bevan Self........19lb. 1/3oz.....(78.Fish) (Peg 4)

2...Tony Thomas....13lb.3 oz........(51.Fish) (Peg 6)

3...Barry Stone......12lb.13oz.......(51.Fish) (Peg 5)

4...Mike Topping....12lb.4oz.........(49.Fish) (Peg 11)

5...Neil Smart........10lb.8 2/3oz...(42.Fish) (Peg 7)

6...Peter Loke…….....9lb.4 1/3oz...(42.Fish) (Peg 9)

7...Joe Bettinson......9lb.3 2/3oz...(39.Fish) (Peg 10)

8...Charlie Frary…....8lb.3oz………..(43.Fish) (Peg 8)

9...John Carter……...7lb.14 2/3oz..(33.Fish) (Peg 5)

10...Jack Topping....3lb.12 2/3oz..(18.Fish) (Peg 12)



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