Holt SAC 5th Leg Summer Accumulator (Report)

Saturday 27th May 2017 - Kelling



The 5th Leg of the Club’s Summer Accumulator was held at Kelling via Muckleburgh Collection on Saturday 27th May.  Just for a change the AGM had decided to have an evening session over this Bank Holiday weekend and thus avoid political domestics at home.  Forecast was some real warmth for a change with wall to wall sunshine and a gentle south westerly which they almost got it right although with wind was a little more than gentle.  Fishing a big evening flood tide on the shingle with a calm sea and the sun descending below the horizon just cannot be beaten as commented by the Frarys who just don’t get this on their usual stretch of the coast.


With a few of the regulars giving this one a miss after indulging in Stebby’s at Thorpeness the night before there was chance for some new talent to shine.  Including a couple of new members in JUNE FRARY and JON SIBLEY, welcome aboard.  There was of course still one or two of the old hands to contend with including that bit of rusty of late, ”Ely Ace”.  However, he nearly bowled himself a googly when he was informed at 2:45p.m. that he had a match to go to and he was still 65 miles away, he was going to cut it fine. 


Pegging for this one was east of the small cliff towards the wreck giving some nice deep water at High Water.  Easy fishing this one with no chasing the tide although the dilemma at the start was which shingle bank to set up on, the one built by the last tide or the one on the previous evening tide.  The rather cautious older set opted for the latter but the youngsters went for the former which nearly caught them out as the tide topped but that got away with it.  At the start the tide was well into the flood and rods began to rattle from the off.  This was the beginning of a very hectic evening for most with plenty of fish being recorded throughout.  A mixture of species with some coming at different states of tide and light.


It was JOHN HARVEY (peg 6) who kicked off his night in grand style with a 56cm (3lb 7oz) Bass immediately followed by a slightly smaller schoolie so there was 203 points on his card within minutes.  Others were also finding a few schoolies at this early stage but nothing serious.  However, the Dabs were there in force and cards started to fill up with them and there were some nice specimens amongst them.  Particularly, to JUNE FRARY (Peg 8) who had a 28, 29 & 30cm versions in the first few casts.  Those with a bit of distance started to pick up Whiting but all small in the low 20cm and surprisingly they are still hanging around.


As the flood got more established the Dabs went on a feeding frenzie as doubles and trebles started to appear on cards.  This actioned eased slightly as High Water was passed but points were still being added.  A few Flounders got in on the act and a nice 30cm version came to TONY THOMAS (Peg 10) from the gutter on a slider who was also picking up a few small Pout from his wreck end peg.  As the light began to fade the Whiting came further inshore and it was doubles and trebles of them from that point giving very little time to bait up.


There was plenty of colour in the water along with a lot of that brown May Sludge.  Thankfully, there was none of that May weed associated with it which can be a real pain as in the previous two Club matches.  Anyway  the objective of the evening was to record as many fish as possible and the lack of this weed really did help that challenge.  Finding those bigger Dabs and the odd Bass was a bonus but as soon as the bait hit the water those pesky Whiting were on to it.


In the end it was the old talent that prevailed in “Ely Ace” MIKE WATTS (Peg 4) whose metronome 6 minute casts of lug tipped crab with a little range did the business.  Pestered by small whiting at the end although he did manage one of 33cm which helped him put 55 fish on his card for 12lb 15oz.  After that adrenaline rush start with the big Bass JOHN HARVEY (Peg 6) should have had this one in the bag but even though he had a big Flounder and some good Dabs he could only manage Runner-up slot.  The small Whiting caught up with him and he could not match the winner’s rotation speed ending up with 11lb 9oz from 35 fish.  Final podium place went to NEIL “SMARTY” SMART who now regularly appears in the credits who had a bucketful of good Dabs which helped to keep him away from those small whiting.  For him crab was not working and relied on his trusty lug to give him 9lb 9oz from 41 fish.


Heaviest Flat was one of 30cm (11oz) shared by JUNE FRARY (Peg 8) (Dab), TONY THOMAS (Peg 10) (Flounder) and MIKE WATTS (Peg 4) (Dab) and Heaviest Round that 56cm (3lb 7oz) Bass to JOHN  HARVEY (Peg 6).  Altogether 270 fish (143 Whiting, 100 Dabs, 16 Bass, 7 Pout and 4 Flounders) were recorded weighing 63lb 7 oz.


Other performances not mentioned was JON SIBLEY (Peg 5) in his first true Club match had an outstanding match finding 4 small Bass but got plague by those small Whiting towards the end.  Being pegged next to speedy ”Ely Ace” didn’t help his bait management and he soon started to run dry but still recorded 36 fish for 7lb 11oz and 4th place.  Not really a good night for BEVAN SELF (Peg 7) and although he found a couple of Schoolies and a few good Dabs he could only record 22 fish  for 4lb 12oz for 7th place and commented afterwards that he preferred shooting, at least you can see the target!  Another person having a poor night was CHARLIE FRARY (Peg 9) who was probably still recovering from Thorpeness and inundated by 17 small Whiting in his 22 fish for 3lb 10oz and 8th place but his worst was come, his drive home with June who thrashed him.


Again an interesting match and probably a good marker for the Penn Final and Club’s Summer Open in two weeks time.  Although fishing the opposite tide (ebb) and all in day light the tides are the same height and the same species should be there except probably Whiting in numbers when darkness brought them in.  This is of course if the colour remains in the water and that stringy fine weed doesn’t return to the brown May slop.  This match confirmed that blow lug will be a prime bait along with crab, maddies and blacks.  Good luck to all those who will be fishing these matches.


Next Club & Open match is the 6th Leg Summer Accumulator and Round 2 of the West Norfolk Challenge at KINGS LYNN West Bank – south  on SUNDAY 4th JUNE fishing 12:00-5:00 HW 3:44 4.3m with draw from 10:30.  Venue is just South of the A47 bridge opposite Palm Paper post code PE34 3LR and look out for the Holt SAC sign.  It is advised not to use a big van for this venue.  Please bring a raffle prize as this funds the Free Pairs competition.  If you are fishing this match please text 07780793141.


The following weekend SUNDAY 11TH JUNE is the Club’s Summer  Open at KELLING via the Muckleburgh Collection fishing 10:00-3:00 HW 8:21 LW 3:12 4.7m.  Draw will be in the Muckleburgh Collection Café from 8:00 with Breakfasts being served from 7:00.  If you are fishing this match PLEASE BOOK NOW by texting 07780793141 .  Will Club Members please bring a raffle prize and Club Members will be subsidised by a small amount by the Club.  This match is the day after Sea Angler’s Penn Sea League Final and has been given Penn Plus status … Tony T


Top 8 Individuals (on the day) …


1…Mike Watts.…….12lb..15 1/3oz…..(55 fish)

2…John Harvey……11lb..9oz…….…....(35  fish)

3…Neil Smart………..9lb  9 1/3oz……..(41 fish)

4…Jon Sibley…………7lb..10 2/3oz……(36 fish)

5…Tony Thomas.….7lb..4 1/3oz……..(32 fish)

6…June Frary………..6lb..2/3oz………..(27 fish)

7…Bevan Self………..4lb..12oz………….(22 fish)

8…Charlie Frary…….3lb..9 2/3oz……..(22 fish)



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