Holt SAC North Norfolk National Sea League 2018-19 Round 5 (Report)

Sunday 10th February 2019 - Kelling




Holt SAC’s Round 5 of the North Norfolk National Sea League & 7th Leg Winter Accumulator was held at KELLING on SUNDAY 10TH FEBRUARY fishing 10:00-3:00 HW 9:40 4.4m.  As with our previous league matches this season, the weather Gods conspired to disrupt us and once again the weather became a dominant feature of this match.  The forecast was spot on with at the start next to no wind, a flat sea and just enough dampness to make it a wet draw.  Then by midday the wind up to 30 mph from the north west driving onshore producing a 3ft swell and lashings of rain.  This combined with a steep drop in temperature making everything to do with the hands uncomfortable but it did take pity on us and the last hour was dry and all those problems were soon forgotten.  At least we didn’t opt to bus it down to bus it down to Gt Yarmouth and for once we got it right.


An excellent turn out with 6 full teams and a further 6 Individuals sticking it out for what was a cracking match relative to what the match scene is like at the moment.  There is plenty of loyal support for the league this year with team members and others coming from as far afield as Stafford, Kettering, Corby, Milton Keynes, Brandon, Ely, Cleethorpes and Humber area along with the Norfolk and “odd” Suffolkites  from Heacham, Kings Lynn area, Norwich area, Gorleston, Lowestoft,  Oulton, Wrentham, Diss and Hales plus a few locals.  Many thanks for all your support this year and if this continues we will be running the league next year.


Pegging for this one was from a short distance from the wreck to just short of the block house on Kelling beach.  Fishing from just after top down on a medium tide meant plenty of water for most of the match and not too much chasing up and down the shingle in the biting wind.  Fishing from high water down meant more chance of a few Whiting which have been very elusive of late.  This in fact was the case with the first hour producing the bulk of the Whiting although they were there throughout but it certainly was few with a small “f”.  The dominant species was of course the Dab with them coming ashore from the off and continuous throughout the match for some and for others they would be there for a couple of casts and then gone for the next three, typical Kelling!


Slack water during mid-match saw fish numbers dip slightly but with wind and rain it was difficult to determine when slack water actually occurred.  The general pattern of the match was Dabs throughout with a few Whiting at the start and towards the end and the odd good Flounder at the end.  There were a few undersize Dabs but the majority were in size and looks like the plague of minis a couple of months ago have grown up a bit.  A few undersize Whiting but surprisingly there were some decent size specimens in comparison to the Club match at Cley the previous week when there were none.  A few Rockling made their usual show to help the fish numbers up to a respectable 659 (607 Dabs, 39 Whiting, 11 Rockling & 2 Flounders) being recorded weighing 115lb 10oz.


Top Team on the day was shared by GORLESTON TACKLE with 8 Penalty Points from a Zone win, two 2nds and a 3rd and CHARLIES ANGELS also with 8 Penalty Points from two Zone wins, a 2nd and a 4th.  Both these teams had a lack lustre start to the season but have got their acts together over the last 2/3 rounds, well done lads!  Final Team podium went to BIG CATCH TACKLE with 10 Penalty Points from two Zone wins, a 3rd and a 5th.  A team that was storming it at the start of the season but are now having to watch their backs as will be shown later.


Top Individual was that long distance traveller from Cleethorpes GARRY HUTSON (Individual) (Peg 50) on the hot wreck end peg with 7lb 3oz from 41 fish and way ahead of his nearest rival.  He took a gamble to beat the weather by coming to North Norfolk instead of Blackpool and although he got caught out by the weather he certainly caught the fish which were apparently very illusive at Blackpool, right decision well done Garry!  Runner-up was LUKE CHILDERHOUSE (Charlies Angels) (Peg 5) at the other end of the stretch with 5lb 12oz from 28 fish.  All his fish came from close range and caught throughout the match apart from a short blip over slack water, well done Luke!  Final podium slot went to a man who is at last beginning to get his act together after a spell in the doldrums in ALAN DOY (Gorleston Tackle) (Peg 49) with 5lb 4oz from 28 fish.  All Dabs on his card up to 29cm and he was fortunate to be pegged next to the winners end peg, well done A l a n!


In the Club match, LUKE CHILDERHOUSE (Charlies Angels) (Peg 5) was the winner with 5lb 12oz from 28 fish and ALAN DOY (Gorleston Tackle) (Peg 49) was runner-up with 5lb 4oz from 28 fish.  Final Club podium slot went to TONY THOMAS (North Norfolk Lads) (peg 2) with 4lb 12oz from 24 fish.  Heaviest Club Round was a 30cm (11oz) Flounder caught be KEVIN GREEN (North Norfolk Lads) (Peg 12) and Heaviest Round a 34cm (9oz) Whiting caught by TONY THOMAS (North Norfolk Lads) (peg 2).


In the Zones, LUKE CHILDERHOUSE (Peg 5) of Charlies Angels took Zone A with 277 points from 28 fish followed by TONY THOMAS (Peg 2) of North Norfolk Lads with 227 points from 24 fish.  Zone B was taken by SIMON ROBERTS (Peg 13) of Charlies Angels with 207 points from 23 fish followed by MIKE TOPPING (Peg 18) of Gorleston Tackle with 179 points from 21 fish.


Zone C went to JIMMY SHAUL (Peg 22) as an Individual with 172 points from 20 fish followed by PHIL READ (Peg 28) of Big Catch Tackle with 145 points from 16 fish. Zone D was taken by MARK SHARMAN (Peg 40) as an Individual with 217 points from 24 fish followed by BILLY TEMPLE (Peg 38) Big Catch Tackle with 160 points from 19 fish.  Zone E was taken by GARRY HUTSON (Peg 50) as an Individual with 346 points from 41 fish followed by ALAN DOY (Peg 49) of Gorleston Tackle with 251 points from 28 fish.


Once again an extremely competitive match in yet again atrocious conditions but at least the Norfolk Shingle is bucking the trend of apparently the rest of the country with plenty of fish.  The majority may be Dabs but at least everyone is going home relatively content with a good show on their match cards.  A few reasonable Whiting in this one but they just haven’t appeared in any numbers this year, it has been a strange season, let’s hope it improves. 


The next Club match is at BACTON via Castaways on SUNDAY 24TH FEBRUARY fishing 12:00-5:00 HW 9:52 4.7m which is 1 hour later than originally advertised.  BACTON will then host the final round of this year’s North Norfolk National Sea League two weeks later on SUNDAY 10TH MARCH.  This will include at Castaways, presentation of the season’s winnings, a buffet and the crowning of this year’s Champion Team.  This will be an interesting match as the top team is not a forgone conclusion as although there is currently a leading team once you deduct each team’s worst score over the 6 rounds it all starts to get very even for two teams as shown below.  We could be in for an extremely competitive match! … Tony T


Top 10 Individuals (on the day) …


1...Garry Hutson…….…7lb.3 1/3oz....(41 Fish) (Peg 50)

2...Luke Childerhouse.5lb.12 1/3oz..(28 Fish) (Peg 5)

3...Alan Doy………........5lb.3 2/3oz…..(28 Fish) (Peg 49)

4...Tony Thomas.........4lb.11 2/3oz…(24 Fish) (Peg 2)

5...Mark Sharman.......4lb.8 1/3oz....(24 Fish) (Peg 40)

6...Bev Self………………..4lb.5 2/3oz…..(25 Fish) (Peg 8)

7...Simon Roberts.......4lb.5oz………….(23 Fish) (Peg  13)

8...Simon Bone...........3lb.15 2/3oz….(27 Fish) (Peg 43)

9...Mike Topping........3lb.11 2/3oz….(21 Fish) (Peg 18)

10.Jimmy Shaul…………3lb.9 1/3oz……(20 Fish) (Peg 22)


Teams on the Day …


1=.GORLESTON TACKLE ……………. 8 Points

1=.CHARLIES ANGELS ……………….. 8 Points

3... BIG CATCH TACKLE …………… 10 Points

4... NORTH NORFOLK LADS ……… 12 Points


6...ANGLING ADDICTS.……………… 22 Points


Teams to date …


1...BIG CATCH TACKLE……………….45 Points…(34)

2...GORLESTON TACKLE …………….49 Points…(34)

3...NORTH NORFOLK LADS …………56 Points…(43)

4…CHARLIES ANGELS………………….64 Points…(47)

5...ANGLING DIRECT NORWICH . 67 Points…(46)

6... ANGLING ADDICTS ……………….84 Points…(62)


The figures in brackets are the scores with the team’s worst score deducted which means that the top two teams are in fact currently tying.  This means that the winner out of these two teams in the final round 6 will be champion team unless the result for both teams is very poor, watch this space!



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