North Norfolk 2015 Bass Festival, Inaugural UK Ladies Championships & NN Juniors Tournament

Friday 8th May to Monday 11th May 2015 - Cley and Kelling














In May 2015 Holt Sea Angling club will be hosting the 3rd North Norfolk Bass Festival on the shingle ridge in North Norfolk. The inaugural event in 2013 was an outstanding success with over 90 sizeable bass recorded and released. The 2014 event was as successful although bass numbers were lower but this was more than compensated by other species. The 2015 event will also incorporate the inaugural running of the UK Ladies Championships and the North Norfolk Juniors Tournament with both being sponsored by major UK tackle companies. These competitions will be combined into “A Norfolk Experience” event which will be held over the weekend of May 9th/10th 2015. Holt Sea Angling Club would like to again thank all the various organisations for their help in making this year’s event possible.


The Bass Festival event will be sponsored by Kelling Heath Holiday Park and supported by Sea Angler Magazine. The event will comprise of two separate 5 hour matches fished on Saturday 9th May and Sunday 10th May. The provisional venues for the event will be Cley and Kelling on the North Norfolk Shingle Ridge. Each competitor will fish one of these venues on one day and the other the following day. As in previous years, both matches will be on the ebb tide and the exact times of each match will be determined closer to the date and will be identified in an Information Pack which will be sent to each competitor who has booked.


Both matches will be catch & release and fished to Holt SAC match rules. With the spotlight currently on the concerns about the declining bass population Holt SAC believe it appropriate that all bass along with all other fish be returned rather than some being retained for consumption and the club is therefore asking that all competitors action this request.


The entry fee for the Bass Festival will be £15 for each day with an Optional Pools of £10 per day.  Prize monies for each match will be for the heaviest bass, heaviest bass bag, heaviest non-bass bag and heaviest overall bag. There will also be prizes and trophies donated by Kelling Heath Holiday Park for the biggest bass of the festival, day winners and overall winner. Further prize categories will be added if the prize table allows. Both matches have been registered for Penn Points.


The UK Ladies Championships will be sponsored by Tronixpro and supported by Kelling Heath Holiday Park. The event will follow the same logistical format as the Bass Festival regarding venues and rules, etc. Ladies pegs will not be a separate group but will be incorporated with all the Bass Festival competitors with every fifth or so peg being a Ladies peg. The exact spacing between the ladies pegs will be determined once the final number of ladies is known. There will also be provision for Ladies/Bass Festival double pegs where ladies and partners may fish together in both events. Ladies may also register to fish in both the Ladies and Bass Festival events. Both matches will be catch & release and fished to Holt SAC match rules.


The entry fee for the Ladies event will be £5 for each day with an Optional Pools of £5 per day. Prize monies for each match will be for heaviest bag of all species each day and the Optional Pools will for section winners. There will also be a rod or reel for the top three ladies over the two days as well a perpetual shield for the overall Ladies Champion. These have been donated by Tronixpro and Holt SAC would like to thank George Cunningham for this kind gesture. There is already a sizeable number interested in this event so we could at last get the ladies on the match scene in the UK.


The North Norfolk Juniors Tournament will be sponsored by anyfish anywhere and supported by Sabre Tackle of Cromer. The event will follow the same format as the Ladies event where Juniors will be fishing under real match rules with Junior pegs spaced out equally across the venues. The exact spacing will be determined by the number of Juniors participating. Each Junior MUST be accompanied at all times by an adult who may or may not fish the Bass Festival or Ladies events. If the adult is fishing either of these event then double pegs will be assigned.


Entry will be FREE to all Juniors and is open to all Juniors across the country. A anyfish anywhere rod will be awarded to the top Junior on each day along with prizes donated by Sabre Tackle Cromer to the other winners on the day. Sabre Tackle will also be providing a perpetual shield for the overall Junior winner of the two days. Many thanks to Julian Shambrook for the rods and Christian Bulch for the prizes and shield. We now have a sizeable number of Juniors testing their skills against the seniors in our club and league matches so this could be something really good for the future of our sport in North Norfolk.


The Head Quarters for the event will be Kelling Heath Holiday Park and they will be offering a 15% discount on accommodation for those participating. (Please note that this is 5% less than originally announced due to Kelling Heath freezing prices for 2015.) A short break booking will commence on Friday 8th May and finish on Monday 11th May with rates still extremely competitive for this time of year. Accommodation comprises of Lodges and a large number of Holiday homes which can accommodate up to 6 adults. There are plenty of restaurant and bar facilities at the complex as well as a Leisure Centre. There is also plenty of activity in the surrounding woodland and Kelling Heath is renowned for the amenities it provides. Holt SAC has hosted the last two Festivals and three National Sea League Finals from this location and all have been impressed with the facilities and the general atmosphere.


This is an ideal place to bring your family, partner, etc. for a short break at the start of the summer. They can enjoy the surrounding facilities whilst you can enjoy your sport or alternatively they can join you on the beach which is just 2 to 3 miles away. Check out their website at .


The cost of accommodation with discount for this weekend will be ...

        -  3 Bed Lodge                          ...       £383.35

        -  Heron (holiday home)          ...       £218.45

        -  Nightjar (holiday home)      ...       £250.92

        -  Bittern (holiday home)        ...        £255.85


If you require more information please contact Tony Thomas at Holt Sea Angling Club on 07780793141 or Alternatively, Ladies may contact Wendy Metcalfe on 07779005208 or for more information about the Ladies event. Similarly, Juniors may contact Christian Bulch on 07473755612 or for more information about the Juniors event. All of this information is also available on Holt SAC’s website, under the Open Events option. .


If you and/or your friends are interested in participating in either the Bass Festival, Ladies Championships or Juniors events then please use the attached booking form. Please note that booking for just one of the matches will be allowed and the final itinerary will be mailed to each competitor prior to the event

Booking is required to be made on the Event Booking Form and received along with the identified entry fee(s) by Friday 1st May 2015. Bookings after this date cannot be accepted.


If you require accommodation for the weekend please contact Kelling Heath Holiday Park on 01263 588181. Please note you require to book by phone and not on-line to obtain the discount.


Please find attached an Event Booking Form and posters/flyers for this event.


2015 Event Booking Form


2015 Bass Festival Poster & Flyer


2015 UK Ladies Championships Poster & Flyer


2015 Juniors Tournament Poster & Flyer





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