Holt SAC West Norfolk Challenge 2021

May, June and July 2021 - Kings Lynn and Sutton Bridge


Even under Covid-19 restrictions, during the summer of 2021 Holt SAC will be running its usual annual series of four matches on the Gt. Ouse Estuary at Kings Lynn and Nene Estuary at Sutton Bridge. The matches will be open to both club members and the general public. The series is intended to cater for all abilities and is an excellent way for the novice angler to rub shoulders and learn for the more experienced match angler.  Holt SAC Covid-19 rules & procedures will apply and these will be detailed separately.

The dates, location and times of the matches are as follows …

Sunday 8th May                                  Round  1                  (PE34 4BZ)

KINGS LYNN - WEST/North              10:00 - 3:00          …  LW 12:57

Sunday 6th June                                 Round 2                    (PE30 2HS)

KINGS LYNN - EAST/Central             9:00 – 2:00           …  LW 11:51

Sunday 20th June                              Round 3                     (PE34 4BZ)

KINGS LYNN - WEST/Central           11:00 – 4:00          …  HW 2:55 

Sunday 4th July                                 Round 4                     (PE12 9XE)

SUTTON BRIDGE – WEST/South       1:00 – 6:00           …  HW 3:08

The series will be catch & release with a minimum size of 18cm and all eels will be measured immediately and returned NOT retained for weighing. The primary fish will be flounders and eels with the odd bass and sole probably making an appearance. The main baits will be crab, lug and maddies along with some secret concoctions known to the locals.

This series of 4 matches which will produce an overall West Norfolk Champion. Points will be awarded to each angler at each match with the winner receiving 1 point, 2nd 2 points and so on OR if there are sufficient competitors for sections then the same points allocation will be assigned per section. Any tie will be broken by weight and then numbers of fish but if there is still a tie then points will be shared. The overall winner will be the angler whose total points is the lowest of all the competitors with a worst score deducted. In the event of a tie, overall weight and then number of fish in the selected matches will be used to break the tie. If the tie cannot be broken then the title will be shared. The champion will receive a trophy and a small monetary prize.

Entry fee for each match will be £10 All In along with a £5 Optional Pools which will provide a 100% pay out. The match fee will be used to fund a 1st, 2nd and 3rd pay out in each match and may go down to 4th place if numbers allow. The all in fee will also fund one significant heaviest fish pay out per match as well as providing a small contribution towards the overall champion monetary prize. The Optional Pools will be paid out to 1st and 2nd in each sections and if there are no sections then 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the overall competition on the day.

There will be NO RAFFLE as last year to fund an optional free pairs competition over all 4 matches so a charge of £10 per pair will be required for this at the first match. Each competing angler will be allowed to nominate a partner and the winning pair will be the pair who has the highest accumulated weight over all 4 matches. The winning pair will receive an amount dependent on the number entering and their maybe a runners up pair if funds allow.

There will also be an Optional Mystery Pairs competition with a £5 Entrance Fee per angler at the first match. The pairing will be determined from the results of the first match where a draw will pair an angler from the top half of the match results with an angler from the bottom half. The winning pair will be determined in the same way as the nominated pairs competition and pay out will be from the Optional Mystery Pairs fund where there will be a 100% pay out.

There will also be a £5 Super Pool each match where winners will be determined by competitors total weight on the day with a payout of 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Contact Mike Watts on 07858758669 or Tony Thomas on 07780793141 to book.


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